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Vitrification was the third major advance in human ART, after IVF itself and ICSI. Now, the protocol of vitrification has been optimized to preserve oocytes and embryos of any developmental stage. These improvements result in very high functional survival of oocytes, assuring high rates of fertilization after ICSI and high rates of pregnancy after embryo transfer. The optimized method,
“The Cryotec Method” has been developed by Dr. Masashige Kuwayama, who has introduced major advances in oocyte and embryo cryopreservation.

By strict adherence to specific details of The Cryotec Method, the clinical embryologist is assured of achieving 100%, literally 100%, survival of normal oocytes and embryos.

Masashige Kuwayama

Dr. Masashige Kuwayama

Dr. Masashige Kuwayama is currently the Head of Repro-support Medical Research Centre, developing and providing the new ARTs including vitrification, PIEZO ICSI and Nuclear Transfer.

The center has also International Advanced Fertility Preservation Centre. He had been scientific director of Kato Ladies' Clinic (Japan), the world's largest human IVF unit performing >25,000 IVF cycles per year. In his ART laboratory, 13 scientists and 55 embryologists were working to develop new ARTs and for the patients. An editor of RBM Online, has 98 scientific papers and 330 papers in the scientific conferences.


Dr. Masashige Kuwayama is a highly skilled embryologist, with more than twenty years of laboratory and clinical experience with both animal and human oocytes and embryos. He has introduced several novel procedures to vitrify oocytes and embryos, including various dilution methods, as well as the Cryotop method and the Cryotip method.

Over the past twelve years, Dr. Kuwayama has taught his vitrification skills to physicians and embryologists in human clinics located in more than 40 countries. This collaboration has resulted in the births of more than 300,000 babies from vitrified embryos and 40,000 babies from vitrified oocytes fertilized by ICSI.

The Cryotec Method is Dr. Kuwayama's latest and most innovative method of oocyte and embryo vitrification. It is safe, extremely efficient, and designed to enable physicians and embryologists to help their patients achieve their fervent wish for a healthy baby.

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