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Cryotec Method

The Cryotec Method Perfect Survival And Safety

Cryotec Method is the most trustable method of cryopreservation.This open style method is recognized as easy, simple and repeatable for all.

Cryotec is a special device that allows to minimize the volume that will be cool and warm with a result up to 100% of survival for oocytes and all the stage of pre-implantation embryos.


Best Vitrification Solution
  1. Highest Vitrification Capability by addition of HPC
  2. No Serum, No protein contained in solutions
  3. Endotoxin free Trehalose used instead of Sucrose
Best Vitrification Container; Cryotec
  1. Multiple cooling devise: for Closed or Open cooling
  2. Longer and Wider handle and sheet: easy writing and loading samples
  3. Safe and clear material
Best exclusive Vitri- and Warm plate
  1. On-focus vitrification plate
  2. Easy warming plate: no blind well for warming

Vitrification Protocol and Warming Protocol

The Cryotec Method is consist of 2 parts, Virification protocol and Warming protocol.
Vitrification protocol requires up to 16min for Human immature- and matured oocytes, PN zygotes, 4-8 cells embryos and blastocysts, and Warming protocol requires 10 min for all.
In The Cryotec Method, the protocol for oocytes is same to embryos one.

Vitrification ProtocolWarming Protocol

Amimation Protocol

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