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Cryotec Method

Animation Protocol

Outline of Animation protocol

This animation protocol is an interactive content for you to learn the Cryotech method on your computer.
In this animation protocol, you will learn the steps of Vitirification procedures and Warming procedures.

Download Animation Protocol

You can view the animation protocol on your computer without network connection only if you download the animation protocol onto your computer.

System requirements
OSWindows Vista/7/8
A mount of Memory requiredmore than 2GB
How to start
  • Download Zip file of application.
  • Decode the Zip file of application.
  • Click file of "animation_protocol_130425.exe" to start application of Animation Protocol.
How to use
  • The animation is played automatically. You can only view the file by clicking following menus/buttons.
  • Select a step of protocol at right side menu.
  • Click the "Play" button to start the animation.
  • Click the "Stop" button to pause the animation.
  • Hit the "Esc" key on the Upper left corner of your keyboard to close the application.

Download Application

Browse Animation Protocol

You can browse the animation protocol by clicking the "Play" button below without downloading the application, only if you have the Flash player downloaded onto your computer and the network connection.

Play Animation Protocol

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