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Tokyo Work Shop in March 2017

We held Tokyo Workshop on March 22nd at our office, and 5 people from U.S., Canada, China, and Taiwan participated in total!

Hands-on training of Cryotec.

All the participants achieved 100% survival!

More and more workshops are coming ahead in Tokyo and cities around the world in 2017. If you would like to know more about this workshop, please feel free to contact us at at anytime.

Lecture for new staff in our new office

We had a lecture for our new staffs on February 3, 2017 at our new head office in Tokyo.
We have this wonderful opportunity for new employees to learn about history and philosophy of vitirification and the technology of Cryotec method directly from Dr. Kuwayama.

3D Projection Mapping

In October 17-19th, 2016 at the ASRM 2016 Exhibition in Salt Lake City Utah, we had visual presentation of ‘Journey of Birth through Vitrification of Oocyte and Embryo’ by utilizing the 3D Projection Mapping.

The 3D video content starts with beautiful image of globe and oocyte, and followed by the illustration of vitrification of oocyte and embryo; the revolutionary technology that enables the vitrified oocyte and embryo to be preserved for years and brought back to life safely with ‘100% success rate’.

The Cryotech Theater

In our booth, we created ‘Cryotech Theater’ that had a huge curved screen of 6 w x 2.2 h meter with 1.8 meter diameter of a half-sphered object in the middle in which the 3D Projection Mapping was shown.

It also features beautiful traditional Japanese art craft, MARI, a play-ball wrapped with various threads that was initially popular among royal family and then to spread to the public over a thousand-year ago in Japan. This MARI image is beautifully integrated into the image of oocyte and embryo in 3D format.

Please enjoy this beautiful clip that was well-received by many visitors to our booth.

Special visitor

January 23rd , our special colleague visited office from Mexico.

We appreciate your visiting!! Please come again anytime!!

Special shipping box designed with a drawing by an autistic child

In January 12th 2017, REPROLIFE has started to ship our products in a special shipping box (L size) designed with a drawing of the Grand prize winner of REPROLIFE hosted event ‘The 1st Art Contest for the Autistic Children’.

This art contest was held in support with development of autistic children with music therapy as part of our company activities. The theme of the contest was ‘Love’, and we had over 40 drawings submitted.

The drawing created by a child and family who won the grand prize this time and is printed on our shipping box.

Grand Prize Artwork

Please enjoy this wonderful and heartwarming art piece on our special shipping boxes that will be sent to facilities around the world.